Nerf Gun Games

There are several mini-games which can be played during a Nerf Combat event. All games are designed to get you active, working together and using your mental skill and ability. Most importantly, they are all designed to be great fun for all ages!

See below for a full list of Nerf Combat games –

  • The President – Pick a president for each team. The aim of the game is to shoot and eliminate your opposing teams Adult Nerf Gun WarsPresident! Work together to protect your President from enemies.
  • The BOMB – One team holds the bomb. You must get the bomb into a specific location on the defending teams side. If you get hit, you’re eliminated!
  • Capture The Flag – Each team has a flag on their side. To win the game, you have to retrieve the opposing teams flag and bring it back to base. Be careful not get eliminated!
  • Speed Nerf – Just like Last Man Standing. You have a limited amount of time to shoot and avoid being shot to be the last team on the playing area.
  • Civil War – Each team stands on opposite ends of the playing area in a line. When you hear the word FIRE, each player on one team takes one shot at the opposing team. If you’re hit you’re out! Repeat until every player on one team is eliminated.
  • Retrieve The Bomb – There is a bomb in the middle of the Nerf Gun arena. The objective is to retrieve the bomb and get to the other teams base. If you’re shot you must drop the bomb and be eliminated.
  • The Predator – Teams are split into Hunters and Predators. To eliminate Hunters, Predators must touch them with their right hand. To eliminate Predators, Hunters must shoot them. The game ends when one team is eliminated or time runs out.
  • Seek and Disarm – One team start by guarding a Nerf Dart Tag. The attacking team must seek out and disarm the Dart Tag by pressing it before the time runs out. If you’re hit by the defending team, you’re eliminated!Nerf Combat
  • Snatch and Grab – On team starts with a Top Secret Box and two guards. The opposing team must eliminate the guards before they can retrieve the box and return it to base. If you’re hit, you’re eliminated!
  • Attack The Fort – The defending team are given a fort area which they must protect. The attacking team must place ‘bombs’ on specified spots without being eliminated by the defending team.

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